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Matt Shakir is a passionate entrepreneur, international life and business coach, having gone through many massive struggles in his own life while achieving high level results along the way. Throughout his life, he’s succeeded in numerous sales roles in multiple industries and found an underlying theme to want to serve others, help them uncover their innate talents alongside their greatest capacity and fulfillment, while achieving their goals and finding their true passions for life.

After spending over 10 years serving others in various roles, he realized he wanted to help them transform at a greater level. Through inspiration, sheer effort, and a relentlessness to succeed, he created Awaken Momentum to help clients transform their lives around any area including relationships, career, transitions, in business, or overall improvement across their lives. Matt is dedicated to his craft, bringing tremendous value to each and every client, and providing the best possible coaching for massive change and transformation.

Having lost a lust for life and true fulfillment in former roles, Matt decided to make massive change and travel the world for an extensive period of time, completing a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, countless workshops in both professional development and peak performance, as well as continuing to be a student of business and high performance living. Matt works with both men and women, anyone truly seeking to improve their life on any level of relationships, fears, transitions, and transformations. Through a client-solutions approach, Matt can help clients reach their greatest goals, while shifting and improving mindset, creating an all around more fulfilling path in life.
Prior to coaching, Matt has owned several successful companies, working closely with both individuals and corporate clients helping them achieve their goals, putting the right systems in place, and cohesively working towards success with these foundations.

After spending time both in the highest levels of finance and healthcare, he realized there was something missing. He wanted to enact change in those around him and help others find more meaning in their lives alongside greater success. Having gone out on his own, he has already begun to help many clients wanting to make significant change to truly live the life of their dreams.


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

— Henry David Thoreau






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